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Zion is our third born. He is 3 (nearly 4 he would want me to tell you). He loves animals.

He loves to run, jump and play. He really likes to have a chat and make new friends. He loves meeting new people.

He is welcoming and loves to make us laugh. He dances whenever and wherever he hears music.

He has a temper to match his hair but he is also so loving and is always telling us he loves us.

He likes to cuddle and wrestle and tickle.

He is loud. Very. He knows what he likes and most certainly what he doesn’t.

He knows that Jesus loves him “because the Bible tells me so, not you, me”:-)

He loves to talk about his nanny and popstar, and Grandma and Pa and whenever he wears a new shirt he says “I want to show Missie” which is one of his cousins or he says “Missie will like this one”.

His favourite colour is blue. Light blue.

This is Zion. We love him.

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Josiah is our second born. He is six.  He loves cars. He will save all his pocket money to buy a new remote control car, or use his change to buy hot wheels cars.

He also loves sport. Any. But inparticular he loves to play soccer and cricket with his popstar (Grandad).

He is great at sharing and is willing to let other people win. He is gracious with his brothers for a long time but when he has had enough, everyone knows about it.

He is very excited to be getting older and especially that he has lost a couple of teeth now and his big ones are starting to come through.

He is really good at numbers, adding, subtracting… he is getting better at reading though its not really his thing.Lately however he got excited when he got a Bible of his own and so he has been trying to read that whenever he can 🙂

Josiah has a great sense of humour and although shy around new people once he knows you he is the life of the party and can crack his brothers up easily.

This is our Josiah. We love him.

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Elijah is our first born. He is eight. He likes all things lego. When he grows up he wants to be a lego designer.

He also loves swimming and riding and soccer. And reading. He reads and reads and reads. I can’t keep up with him. Yesterday he came out of his room and he says “Mum did you know that we have white cells in our bodies that fight the bad stuff in our body”. I enjoy hearing the wealth of knowledge he is obtaining willingly. He started a blog when he was 5. But had a break for a couple of years and has just picked up on it again so the link for that is here

He is sensitive. He likes things his own way. He tends to worry and tries very hard to “get it right” all the time.

He loves life and is loud (almost always too loud) and has the craziest laugh. He thinks out of the box and thinks things through.

He loves to devise plans and create secret maps and pretend he is a spy or an agent or a knight.

He is a great big brother but sometimes gets so frustrated with his younger brothers that he doesn’t know what to do about it, but he is protective of them. One day we were at a playground and a kid was hitting Josiah so Elijah stepped in between them and let the kid hit him instead.

This is our Elijah. We love him.

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challenged to DO yes.

Challenged to say Yes even when it hurts. When God asks me to do something, whether it’s call that person, stop and help that person, move to another place, give up that habit, give to that person again I want to say yes. But more than say yes I want to do yes. In the Bible it talks about the son asked to do something and he says yes and then doesn’t get around to doing it, and then the other son who says no, but then thinks again and goes and does it…. who is obedient?

I know that sometimes I feel so justified in “doing” no. I’m tired, I’m already giving out so much, I’m scared, God understands, He wouldn’t ask me to do that, I’m not comfortable in that… the list is endless. But the challenge is Who wins? my flesh, my ego, my pride- or my spirit man (or should I say woman)?

When I do yes, I see God at work in my life. It is when I see Him move in my own heart, in my own needs, in my own desires. I don’t get left out. I might get taken advantage of. I might get cheated. I might get persecuted. But I don’t get crushed. I don’t get abandoned. I might get struck down but I don’t get destroyed.

He has promised that he has given everything we need to live a life of godliness… a FULL life…. and those of you who know my Jesus, it’s an exciting one. I’m trying to step aside and just say Yes to what is set in my path to do…

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Random thoughts

You know in my head I’m constantly writing a journal, but to get that onto paper or in this instance on keyboard I just don’t seem to get there. I have 5 half written posts done and countless more stored away in this head and heart of mine. It’s just when I go to do it, I either one, get interrupted with life and it’s things, or two, I can’t or shouldn’t express what is on my heart.
So let me ramble for a few minutes if you don’t mind (I suppose if you do mind you will just stop reading and go somewhere else:-) )
Somedays I feel overawed by the way that God is moving and has moved in our lives, like when we pray and people get healed, or we see people crying as God touches their hearts and they respond to him, and other days I am just plain overwhelmed by the sense of oppression and the different waves of emotions I feel when I am out and about, or praying for one of the people I have met.
Zion is beautiful, he dances at the front of the church and then when it is greeting time he goes up the back and shakes everyone’s hand and says hello… he is like a breath of fresh air, he revitalises me to remember the small things, that a smile can speak past language and love exudes and infiltrates like nothing else can.
This post being everywhere, i thought a few of you might be happy to know that we had our first dogs in our service. I suppose this is one thing that I’ve been waiting for, having been in meetings where it seemed the dogs would sometimes outnumber the people, i felt like we hadn’t really had a service until the dogs had entered…

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