challenged to DO yes.

Challenged to say Yes even when it hurts. When God asks me to do something, whether it’s call that person, stop and help that person, move to another place, give up that habit, give to that person again I want to say yes. But more than say yes I want to do yes. In the Bible it talks about the son asked to do something and he says yes and then doesn’t get around to doing it, and then the other son who says no, but then thinks again and goes and does it…. who is obedient?

I know that sometimes I feel so justified in “doing” no. I’m tired, I’m already giving out so much, I’m scared, God understands, He wouldn’t ask me to do that, I’m not comfortable in that… the list is endless. But the challenge is Who wins? my flesh, my ego, my pride- or my spirit man (or should I say woman)?

When I do yes, I see God at work in my life. It is when I see Him move in my own heart, in my own needs, in my own desires. I don’t get left out. I might get taken advantage of. I might get cheated. I might get persecuted. But I don’t get crushed. I don’t get abandoned. I might get struck down but I don’t get destroyed.

He has promised that he has given everything we need to live a life of godliness… a FULL life…. and those of you who know my Jesus, it’s an exciting one. I’m trying to step aside and just say Yes to what is set in my path to do…

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2 thoughts on “challenged to DO yes.

  1. Ren Turner

    Thanks for your honesty Reb. God challenged me to do yes a few weeks ago, and then said, “But hey the choice is up to you.” I’m afraid I chose no, cos the word that 1/2 dozen fellow praying saints and myself received was: Trust in God and He will bless whichever choice you make. So I went with no cos yes was too scarey. But it didn’t give me any peace. So I started saying yes to myself just to see how it felt. Today I said yes to Roo, but haven’t started letting others know yet. Just checking the waters for now. Will fill you in further when my “yes is yes”.
    Thanks again. Your blog may well have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Doh that makes me a camel.
    Love Ren

    • Reb

      I met a camel the other day :-). Wow, Renee that does sound scary!!. Look forward to hearing what your Yes is, I think. 🙂
      Just remember, if our God is for us then what can stand against. Love you. He will give you the strength you need when you need it, and not a moment before or after. Thanks for YOUR honesty, I have been in that place before and aaaah it is tough. Love to you and yours

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