Random thoughts

You know in my head I’m constantly writing a journal, but to get that onto paper or in this instance on keyboard I just don’t seem to get there. I have 5 half written posts done and countless more stored away in this head and heart of mine. It’s just when I go to do it, I either one, get interrupted with life and it’s things, or two, I can’t or shouldn’t express what is on my heart.
So let me ramble for a few minutes if you don’t mind (I suppose if you do mind you will just stop reading and go somewhere else:-) )
Somedays I feel overawed by the way that God is moving and has moved in our lives, like when we pray and people get healed, or we see people crying as God touches their hearts and they respond to him, and other days I am just plain overwhelmed by the sense of oppression and the different waves of emotions I feel when I am out and about, or praying for one of the people I have met.
Zion is beautiful, he dances at the front of the church and then when it is greeting time he goes up the back and shakes everyone’s hand and says hello… he is like a breath of fresh air, he revitalises me to remember the small things, that a smile can speak past language and love exudes and infiltrates like nothing else can.
This post being everywhere, i thought a few of you might be happy to know that we had our first dogs in our service. I suppose this is one thing that I’ve been waiting for, having been in meetings where it seemed the dogs would sometimes outnumber the people, i felt like we hadn’t really had a service until the dogs had entered…

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2 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Mary-anne Mickan

    Hey Rebekah,
    I reackon your description of the Boys is just right & beautiful,
    Make me miss you all!

    Missie & Hadassah pray for their cousins nearly every night so they are very loved by the girls too 🙂
    That is so gorgeous that ZIon wants to show Missie his new shirts!
    For a mum that’s a tad of a tom boy, it is a bit funny that Missie does like her ‘fashion’ …as we often hear when putting her ‘farm clothes’ on for the day “this doesn’t match mum” ahhhh don’t worry we inform her she looks great and the sheep won’t mind 🙂

    Josiah is so caring & compassionate!
    I can imagine him as an avid saver like his uncle Seth.

    Wow Elijah’s personality just shines through his photo’s..I feel like I can almost touch him or have a chat.
    Love ya’s & pray for ya’s lots…I’m now 17 weeks yay!!! plus a nice big bump to go with 🙂

    • reb

      Hey Mary-anne! Wow 17 weeks! that is awesome… so fashion queen Missie hey?? Nice… My boys are the same, they are fussy about what they wear (well actually they’d prefer to wear nothing, but if I make them wear something it has to look just right 🙂
      Thanks for taking time to read…
      Love ya,

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