Josiah is our second born. He is six.  He loves cars. He will save all his pocket money to buy a new remote control car, or use his change to buy hot wheels cars.

He also loves sport. Any. But inparticular he loves to play soccer and cricket with his popstar (Grandad).

He is great at sharing and is willing to let other people win. He is gracious with his brothers for a long time but when he has had enough, everyone knows about it.

He is very excited to be getting older and especially that he has lost a couple of teeth now and his big ones are starting to come through.

He is really good at numbers, adding, subtracting… he is getting better at reading though its not really his thing.Lately however he got excited when he got a Bible of his own and so he has been trying to read that whenever he can 🙂

Josiah has a great sense of humour and although shy around new people once he knows you he is the life of the party and can crack his brothers up easily.

This is our Josiah. We love him.

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