In pursuit of a Saviour

I watch people. Always have. Enjoy it immensely. My husband will always give me the most open seat in a restaurant or wherever we are, because he is aware of my love for people-watching. I love their interactions, their facial expressions when no-one is watching (or so they think), I love trying to guess who they are and what their history is.
I suppose my love for people watching got watered when I was training to be an actor. It was a requirement that we studied people. We were even graded on how we could mimic a person we had watched, and be able to put over not just the right walking position, but their ‘aura’, mood, facial expressions, gestures. Everything.
One thing that I notice the most in people is their constant pursuit for a saviour. Whether it is through beauty, money, career, relationships, religion, music, sport etc people are always on the whole, in pursuit of something that will take them to a place better than they are at that moment. In the end, most of it seems futile. Though I have met a few people that seem comfortable in their own skin. And a couple of people who seem to have ended the pursuit and just are.

They are the ones that rather than being in pursuit of a saviour (whatever their fetish of whoever or whatever), instead were keenly aware of the Saviour in pursuit of them.

These people, were like a young person in love. Except without the insecurity. They are like an Olympian who has won gold.

That Saviour has pursued me, and won. He has wooed me and called me in to drink of his Living Water, He refreshes my soul, He quenches my thirst and my longings. He makes me all I was created to be, and yet loves me when I don’t quite make the cut. He loves me, He loves me, He loves me.

He pursues everyone of us, and is extremely fond of all His creation, but He is a fiercely jealous lover/Saviour. He will not share us with anybody or anything. He wants us completely. And in that He asks us to lay down our own wants and desires, which goes against everything this independent woman has stood for, but I can’t help myself. His love is overwhelming, it pursues me with such passion that I am hopeless to resist and gladly allow my Pursuer to not only pursue but take over me. Consume me. Transform me.

He calls you in too. He woos you. He desires you. His name is Jesus, and He calls you by Name to come and dance with Him. To enter into the most fulfilling love story that has ever been told. The choice, my friend, is up to you.

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6 thoughts on “In pursuit of a Saviour

  1. Peter

    Hi Reb, thanks for sharing. I’d be interested to hear your perspective on the next step: what does life look like for those who have been wooed by the savior?

    • Great question Peter.
      My thoughts are this: dancing on trains when there is no music :-).
      No seriously now, one where everyday the person is free-er from the things that have kept them bound in the past, whether that be fears, sins, grief etc.
      Where the person begins to think of others more than themselves. WHere they are daily spending time keeping intimacy with their Saviour- getting to know Him through His Word, by song, by fellowship, by prayer-talking and listening, by taking time to stop and see the beauty around in His creation. Where there is joy and peace that permeates from the person no matter what the circumstance. Where they can’t help but talk of the wonderful things He has done in their lives. WHere their wants and desires aren’t as important anymore, but they are instead looking to stepping in to what GOd is doing around them and see that as an invitation to come on in…
      This is just some thoughts…
      Would love to hear what you think.

      • Peter

        That’s good, Reb.

        My thoughts: that the things people pursue (beauty, money, career, relationships, religion, music, sport) are just broken representations of what was once perfect, and as we recognize the rightful place of God, the original pursuits are no longer viewed as an end in themselves. However, to stop there misses the final part of God’s revealed story, which is that everything that was broken in the fall will be restored to its former glory. And that starts now by re-enagaging with what is broken, and working with God to restore it. To bring those abstractions down into real life- my career trajectory has brought me into a position of leadership over a (very small!) group of people. In recognizing that my career is not an end in itself, I see my role as restorer of broken things in my sphere: creating something worthwhile in the work that I do, rather than sitting on the sidelines and criticizing those who are having a go; fostering community within my team so that we can all function at our full potential; practicing civility and humility in a world of self-promotion, etc. What I’m learning is that God hasn’t just given up on his creation (that’s everything in the universe, not just people) and sent Jesus as an escape pod, but is establishing his kingdom here, which requires creation restoration. And I think that all Christians are called to that, wherever they find themselves.


      • Yes! Peter, I agree with you. I actually often think of you (and Erin πŸ™‚ ) as a beautiful example of God at work in the often godless part of our world (not America, but science and university and etc)… I remember and tell others of the story that you told us of when you were searching for answers about pain and you prayed and God gave you insight into something that had been hidden from your sight before… Yes, I firmly believe that whatever our ‘call’ so to speak, that we need to take up the invitation of God to enter into what He wants to do, which is what you said on creation restoration. From scientists to musicians, to pastors to doctors, to checkout chicks and mechanics- whatever and wherever, we are part of that restorative mission when we choose to follow Jesus… and we should be pumping out some pretty amazing, fore-running things as we have the perfect Creator working through and in us…
        Thanks Pete! I really do appreciate your insight and your wisdom. Appreciate you taking time to respond as well. Look forward to hearing what is going on your side of the world soon…

  2. Thanks for sharing that Reb! I’m a people watcher too..and Pauls the same always gives me the seat where I can see the most around me! I also learn a lot through people watching! Thank you for those beautiful words! A lovely reminder to start my day!

    • CHeers! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚
      Ha that’s great that Paul does it too… what great husbands we have!
      We’ll have to have a coffee/people watching date one day, but we might need to move a chair so we can both see πŸ™‚

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