Basics 101

This is an excerpt from Ben my husband’s new blog. It has been in the pipeline for a while, he has just found his way through the technological side of publishing a post. 🙂


Following the basics:

A blameless heart… keeping eyes from that which is corrupt… removing oneself from those who are fickle…

Living life is no picnic.

There are potholes, hazards, tripwires… All of these ensure that you watch your step; because each one of those traps will cost you dearly.

At the start, the traps seem harmless. If you stumble over one pothole you can think, ‘Oh, that didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would’. And so the next traps don’t bother you too much. The next time you look up to see what the damage is, you don’t even recognise what you see; it is complete carnage.

Everything you held dear is destroyed or dismembered because you didn’t care to watch out for the traps.

I have seen many people drop their guard to become popular; drop their guard to be liked or accepted by those who they…

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