Reb and her boys

Our familyMy name is Rebekah, but friends (and some enemies) call me Reb. I am married to Ben who is a wonderful man who helps me to be the Rebekah I was intended to be. I am also mother to 3 beautiful boys, Elijah, Josiah and Zion… We live in Alice Springs which is in the centre of Australia.  I am trying to capture some of our journey here, as I know it will be something I’ll want to look back to in the future. This blog is more for my entertainment, and hopefully some inspiration and encouragement to others, but at the least hopefully I can make you laugh at me or with me (either’s good for me).

Saving the most important for last, I am a follower of Jesus and I outwork my life with one aim- to get a little closer to Him every day… why ? cause he changes things, and I need a lot of changing and He transforms things, and we all know our world is in desperate need of transformation…


9 thoughts on “Reb and her boys

  1. Peter

    Love that you’re rocking the jeans and sneakers! Also pleased to see that the status quo has been maintained and that the climb isn’t open

    • Punk, don’t bring attention to the jeans and sneakers look. You know how I loathe it, was just hoping to get some climbing or at least some big walking in… otherwise you know I only own thongs (flip-flops for you Americans) and uggies :-)… Keep the focus on Ben ok? say hi to Erin for me.

    • Oh yeah and on second looks. they are cargo pants, not jeans…so lay off 😉

  2. Peter

    All looks the same from here!
    PS- Boulder has been voted America’s worst dressed city that looks best naked. So when I do choose to wear clothes, I embrace the jeans and sneakers.

    • Enough already… don’t succumb to peer pressure Peter, rise above it. You have courage.:-)
      On another note: Erin’s heels must be feeling neglect from lack of wear.

  3. Peter

    Definitely. She brought a few dresses over here that haven’t made it out of the cupboard

    • sounds like Alice… when you guys come back we’ll have to go to Sydney or Melbourne, just to have a dress up fest.

  4. Peter

    Sounds good. Take care

  5. Declan O'Callaghan (Adelaide Team 2014

    Reb, I must say that it is amazing what you do each day and is so inspiring to soooooooooooo many. I hope you enjoy your new toaster and eskey

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