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Started a new blog for my homeschooling

Hi everyone,

If you are interested. I have just started a new blog for our homeschooling journey. Hopefully I will be making regular entries onto it. Hope to see you there and here. 🙂

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First day back at school. Marble run.


Did someone say we just had holidays?? I must have missed the memo. The month has been sooo full and we have felt like central station a lot of times… So maybe things will settle down now school is back 🙂 should I have said that??

We started the morning slow as we have had someone staying in our school room and haven’t been able to get into full swing… so we played dress ups of vikings and pirates and other interesting things and then we began a study on gravity (well that’s what a marble run teaches them isn’t it?? 🙂 ).


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school fun

more affectionately known as Elijah

looking mean huh 🙂

Today our house was very cold indeed so I decided that baking was definitely on the agenda (don’t you love the organisational skills oozing out of me. So whilst we preheated the oven (for a good half hour:-) we did our maths and English at the dining room table as that was closest to the oven and therefore the warmest.
The boys were doing great at their work and we made cupcakes with the littlest mess I have seen in a long time… nice. While the cupcakes cooked Elijah had a plan (as he always does) we could do face painting… so our day has now consisted of cooking and imagining and now they are playing together pretending to be the super heroes and villians they created and got me to make their faces like… aaah it’s been a great morning. Trying to remember this and savour these moments.

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The Gruffalo

Reading a great book at the moment with the children.

Fun. Clever. Colourful.

So decided to make a craft lesson out of it….

this is what we came up with…

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Home school in Alice

So… I have set up our school room and the kids love it… you can’t see by the photos, but there is loads of space and they can find things that were before away in a tall cupboard. Our first day we painted what were meant to be family portraits, but (this is when I’d love to see a girl’s perspective) we got Dad holding a gun in one and my favourite, Zion said his was Dad in a storm… random 3 year old creative brain working… Love it. will take some pics so you can see the creative genius at work 🙂 . So after our Bible morning fix we go for a swim and then some phonics work (need to get back into routine where actually piano practise was first.

Very excited, this week we begin Pitjintjara lessons… although this isn’t necessarily the local language (Arrente is) but many of the people from our church come from ernabella and Amata and they speak Pitjintjara…. should be fun… See if I can get some videos uploaded at some stage for you to hear our boys once they learn some. They still remember a lot of the Spanish that they learnt from Carol in Young… so I look forward to see how quick hey learn this.


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